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Family: Canidae Chion or Papihuahua Picture"Maddox"Canis lupus familiarisPhoto © Animal-World: Courtesy Arlene Salas
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My dog Ruby has short hair and is very lazy. She will only play sometimes and hates other dogs. She will bark at anyone except kids. I know she is a chihuahua... (more)  Jones

  The adorable Chion is a small and delicate little dog. Like it's parentage this is a lively little dog that is quite loveable.

The Chion is a mixed dog breed, a cross between the Chihuahua and the Papillon. Chions may have any combination of traits from its parentage, but there are some things that you can be relatively sure about. Both the Chihuahua and the Papillon are charming dogs that are active yet affectionate. They are also quite intelligent. When selecting a Chion, look for eye, gum and joint problems.

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Carnivora
  • Family: Canidae
  • Genus: Canis
  • Species: lupus familiaris

Common Name(s) Chion, Papihuahua, Chi-a-Pap, Pap-Chi

Breed Type The Chion is a mixed breed. A cross between the Chihuahua and the Papillon, this is a lively and loveable hybrid.

Background The Chion is a somewhat rare hybrid, and there is little reliable information about its origins. Most Chions are the result of first generation crossbreeding.

Description Chions are small dogs, usually with long or medium length coats. They come in a variety of colors and have large, erect ears. Height and weight vary, but are less than 11 inches and 10 pound, respectively.

Care and Feeding Both Chihuahuas and Papillons thrive on a diet that includes poultry, so it's safe to assume that Chions will do well on such a diet as well. Gentle brushing is the most important step in maintaining a Chion's coat. Nails should be trimmed regularly, and baths given as needed.
Chions need regular checkups to stay healthy. Vaccinations are due as follows:

  • 6-8 weeks: Distemper, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo, and Corona virus (DHLPPC)
  • 10-12 weeks: Second DHLPPC
  • 14-16 weeks: Third DHLPPC and rabies
  • Annually: DHLPPC and rabies booster

Chions are average shedders. Regular vacuuming of the carpet and furniture is essential.

Housing Your Dog Chions are indoor dogs. Some bark excessively, so they may not be the best choice if you live in an apartment.

Social Behaviors Chions are too small and delicate to be handled by young or rambunctious children. They may not like strangers, and they tend to be aggressive toward other dogs. But with proper socialization, they may get along with other pets.

Handling and Training Chions may be easy to train, or they may be rather headstrong. They are usually very smart, though, and can learn lots of things from a firm and patient trainer.

Activities Chions are active, and they need daily walks and play sessions to stay healthy. They enjoy playing off-leash outdoors when weather permits.

Breeding/Reproduction Chions are often bred back to Chihuahuas or Papillons. When selecting a mate for your Chion, check for gum and joint problems.

Common Health Problems Chions may have a fontanel, or soft spot in the skull. Care must be taken to protect this sensitive area from injury. This breed may also be prone to colds.

Availability Chions can be difficult to find in many areas. Prices vary.

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Jones - 2016-05-04
My dog Ruby has short hair and is very lazy. She will only play sometimes and hates other dogs. She will bark at anyone except kids. I know she is a chihuahua papillon mix, but is she a chion?

  • Anonymous - 2016-08-10
    Yes She Is
Jones - 2016-05-04
My dog Ruby is short haired and lazy but she is a chihuahua papillon mix. She barks at every one except kids, and doesn't get along well with other dogs. Is she still a chion?

kc - 2016-05-01
hi, I adopted a dog from SPCA...was told its still very young as the teeths not fully grown. I thought it was a chihuahua until a year later when I bring it to the vet for annual health check up then I was told its a mixed breed. I was told its a chion. Its very active always bringing toys to me to ask for a game of fetch. Super picky on food. I have tried all the brands in the pet shop none last more than a week. In the end I surrender he is on home cooked meal far so good ...have not change for 1yr. Very defensive always lie down with the back facing me..guarding me regardless at home or outdoor hanging out in park or in cafe. When out for walk anyone walking same path as me for more than 10mins he take it as we are been followed..will turn around and bark at the person. I have to let the person walk infront of me then he stopped barking. Any cyclist, jogger or roller bladder that comes too close, he will also dash and bark...any owner walking big dogs come near he will also be on guard barking and growling away. His defensive behaviour sometimes put me in a spot. I get scolded by angry joggers...cyclist felt down and scolded me...even big dog owners lecture me as my tiny 4kg chion trying to provoke big dog...if the big dogs aggressive my chion wont stand a chance....

Merle Hatley - 2016-04-17
My little Poquita (Poqui) is a 16 mo old female papillion chihuahua mix that was given to me about a year ago.  I have had a cocker spaniel, pekinese, toy poodles, yorkshire terriers and a shitz tsu. These were all wonderful dogs and I have so many loving memories of all of them.  As you can probably tell I am a dog loving nut case.  I now have 2 pomeranians (Rascal and Katrina), a chihuahua yorkie mix (Baby) and Poqui.  I also have a cat (Mr. Meow).  Poqiu took to her new family immediately.  She loves them all but especially Baby who watches out for her as she is very active and impish.  She can jump on the bar stools and on to the counter so nothing is safe from her.  Mr. Meow and her love to wrestle and chase each other all over the house. She even gets Rascal, who is 14 yrs old and arthritic, to play with her. She is the most active yet lovable dog I have ever been around. She really knows how to cuddle.  I have never had a better dog and recommend this breed over any other.  

I am thinking of getting her bred to a little chihuahua the next time she comes in heat.  She just finished a heat last week but I thought it was to soon.  I also dont to do anything that would have detrimental effects on her health.  She is such a wonderful addition to my life.  

Tina Goble - 2015-05-26
I'm from Brownwoods  Texas and I have chithis will be the last litter and town is very small and Papillon are very very rare and hardly heard of so that's why I would rather sell them to people online who know more information about chion

the mother is 

  • Robert - 2015-06-10
    I had one a long time named Paco . he was 8 and still puppy like . two Sundays ago two pits attacked him to where I had to have him put to sleep . it has destroyed my family . down the road I would love to get another . email me please .
  • Ming Kwong - 2015-06-23
    Do you have anymore available?
  • Tina Goble - 2015-06-26
    Yes I'm selling for 200 . They are cute so 3254301832
  • Stacey Besinger - 2015-07-11
    Do you have pictures? It's too late at night for me to call you. I may give you a shout tomorrow.
  • Tom Armistead - 2015-10-05
    Are your pups still available?
  • Tom Armistead - 2015-10-05
    Are your pups still available? We have 2 chions and a acquaintance who's chion passed away of old age, that is desperately looking for a new puppy.
  • Heather Neal - 2016-03-13
    I would like another to go with my chion please text if available 4782345142
carmen - 2012-11-11
Could someone, anyone, pleeease tell me where i can get a chion?! The breed would be perfect for me. I am located in philadelphia. Willing to travel to new york, new jersey, delaware and upstate pennsylvania. Looking to purchase or adopt a puppy preferably female. Thank you!

  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-12
    When you are starting from scratch - quickest way is to Goggle        Chion Breeders.   You will come up with many - all over the US but possibly one close to you. 
  • Gail - 2014-09-19
    Check out the rescue leagues. I got my Wally at one in Florida, Grateful Paws,. He is 16 months old and a bundle of fun! He does bark a lot though! Good luck...